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Zombies Reach PlayStation Home

For the upcoming release of the zombie game Dead Island, Sony have modified PlayStation Home into a limited time event known as “Zombie Takeover.” This is the latest in what Sony describe as a “Total Game Integration” leading up to the release of Dead Island. The Zombie Takeover consists of 10 challenges. The reward for completing these is an in-game exclusive weapon and the event is available now. The event begins with the “Zombie Survivor Quiz” which leads to some new items of clothing along with the “Zombie Photo Shoot” game which consists of yourself posing with the hordes of the undead. If you approach the Tiki bar in the Central Plaza, you will have the option to being the game, which is an event full of glorified violent challenges, the ultimate reward being the “Exploding Zombie Bait” weapon in Dead Island. 1) One Man Army – Survive 3 waves of Zombies in Single Player 2) Iron Will – Survive a wave in multiplayer without being downed 3) Nobody Left Behind – Survive a wave in multiplayer with all 4 players Completing tasks 1-3 will result in unlocking the Dead Island deck chair furniture item. 4) “A” For Style – Kill Zombies with every single finisher move in either Single Player or Multiplayer 5) You Got Red On You – Reach 100 kills in Single Player Or Multiplayer 6) They Belong To Me Now – Hack off 200 limbs in either Single Player or Multiplayer Completing Task 3-6 will unlock the Dead Island suitcase furniture item. 7) Handyman – Craft 10 Different Weapons 8) Here Have Some Random Stuff – Craft and donate 10 items to the community 9) Smorgasbord of Stuff – Craft and donate every type of item to the community Completing tasks 7-10 will unlock the Dead Island electrical machete furniture item. 10) Completionist – Complete all 9 challenges And that’s your “Exploding Zombie Bait” for use in Dead Island folks The last bonus is if you preorder the game through the Central Plaza, you get a “Exploding Zombie Outfit” for your Avatar. So it might be time to get on PlayStation Home for some zombie bashing action. I’ll see you in the Multiplayer.

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