Published on May 25th, 2011 | by Charlie


Your Shape Sequel Revealed By Ubisoft?

How pumped did you get with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved? How much weight did you lose? Well we don’t care- actually we do. Let us know in the comments- but anyway! Ubisoft have “accidentally”, should we put it, revealed Your Shape sequel to be in the works. Ubisoft have been sending emails that read the following: “Ubisoft rules the casual market, holding the number one third-party position on Kinect, 3DS and Wii. Ubisoft continues to pioneer on emerging mainstream technologies and creating games with real-life benefits that the whole family can enjoy.  Ubisoft’s casual games featured at E3 include: The Adventures of Tintin, MotionSports Adrenaline, RocksmithTM, the upcoming new Raving Rabbids®, Just Dance®, and Your ShapeTM games.” So by the looks of things, it seems that Your Shape: Fitness Evolved may have a sequel, so now you can get twice as fit. Either that or it’s going to another platform, but that would be slightly pointless as Your Shape is meant to track your entire body, which the Kinect does. Mind you, the first game was on the Wii…   E3 begins June 7th.

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