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Xbox 720 Rumors In Full Force

It’s been just over a couple of weeks since we here at Nave360 mentioned that the new Xbox console could be launched at E3. Days later we also posted Microsoft’s response to the rumor. Now sources such as Kotaku say that the new Xbox console will use Blu Ray discs, which holds far more data than their DVD counterparts. Due to this increased size, they are slower to read and often require installing of game data. Other rumors are that Microsoft are planning to incorporate an anti-used game system. Whilst this would be good news for developers, it would hit retailers hard, with a larger impact on the fanbase who purchases pre-owned titles due to either money constraints, or due to the fact that the game is no longer available new (anyone else tried picking up a copy of Kameo lately?). The console is said to launch with Kinect V2, the second generation of the sensor bar. This will include a processor built into the device to handle more accurate measuring of users movements. The last rumor is the fact that the device is going to be 6-8 times more powerful than it’s predecessor, yet with no apparent production of the device, this is purely speculation. So there we have it, a round up of all the current rumors surround Microsoft’s next generation console. Whether or not they pan out to be true will remain to be seen.

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