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Xbox 360 Dashboard Beta Now Accepting Registrations

About blinking time as well. Microsoft are now accepting applications to the Fall Dashboard beta. If you go to this page, you can officially sign up for the beta, but as always, there are rules you must follow: “REMINDER: The Xbox LIVE Update Preview program is confidential. Please don’t disclose, share, or discuss Preview program materials, except as allowed in the Xbox 360 Preview Program Agreement. Specifically, please:
  • DO NOT Blog about the pre-release materials.
  • DO NOT Post pictures, screenshots, or video clips of the pre-release materials.
  • DO NOT Discuss the Preview materials, in discussion forums, emails, or podcasts.
  • DO NOT Talk with the media or press about the pre-release materials. This includes bloggers, newspaper reporters, and television reporters.”
One other thing you should know. Just because you apply does not guarantee you a spot into the beta, although a lot of the time it is a first come first served basis (but it might not be like that for this) so I would apply quickly. The update will include full Kinect support for the dashboard, as well a cloud gaming and more. Exciting, or not?

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