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WSOP: Full House Poker Pro Preview

Earlier this year Microsoft revealed a sequel to the popular Full House Poker title, this time with a WSOP theme.  Titled WSOP: Full House Poker Pro, the game will give players an enhanced experience while incorporating the most recognized brand in the world of poker. The original title was a huge success and was one of the best sellers on Xbox Live in 2011.  It offered a 1 vs. 100 features as well as multi-table offline poker tournaments, 30 player sit-n-go tournaments, and a live feature where players could participate in season long poker events.  The game was hailed for its avatar integration and its solid user interface. Those looking forward to the sequel will have these features and many others to look forward to.  To start with, the game is completely free to play with players receiving fresh stacks of chips each day should they run out.  There will be regular updates to this game, meaning that you have to keep coming back to find out what is new. Email Attachmentwsopfullhouse1 In addition, this game will be truly cross platform.  This means that you can start playing your game on Xbox 360 and then hop onto a Windows 8 platform and continue the exact same game you started.  Live online action will be available in this edition as well with multiple game platforms available to users, including multi-table tournaments. Finally, players will have the experience of playing in virtual representations of actual casinos from around the world.  The game will also feature a World Series of Poker theme complete with ESPN commentators Lon McEachern and Norman Chad calling the action during your game. Two things set this title apart from other poker games.  The first being the ability to play in virtual representations of casinos from around the world and the cross platform integration of the game.  Being able to play the game across multiple platforms could be a huge selling point for the game, especially for those who have buddies on different devices. For those that love the game of poker, WSOP: Full House Poker Pro is a definite must-play title in 2013.  Pipeworks is currently putting the final touches on the game and are scheduled for a release sometime in the Spring, although an exact date has not been set.  Chances are it will be sometime in April or May to coincide with the beginning of the 2013 World Series of Poker.

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