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WoW Expansion Mists Of Pandaria Announced

World of Warcraft is arguably one of the most successful MMO’s to grace the gaming world, and with over 12 million active subscribers, the fantasy game has hooked players across the globe. With this in mind, Blizzard are proud to announce their 4th expansion pack for the game, “Mists of Pandaria”. Bringing Warcraft fan favorites, the “Pandarens” are brought to the forefront of the Alliance / Horde conflict. The new expansion showcases the Pandaren race, the first class that chooses what side of the conflict to fight on be that Alliance or Horde. The knowledge of the Pandaren will also bring the “Monk” class to Azeroth; the first class that does not have an auto attack functionality instead relying on it’s new Chi system and light and dark energy for attacks. The Monk will be a class that can Heal, Tank and DPS, however it will be the games first melee healer utilizing attacks to aid the other players. All race’s except for Worgens and Goblins will have access to the “Monk” class. The level cap is hitting 90 and the game will also sport a change to the talent system, yet we haven’t been told how it will affect the game just yet. The last change is the Pet Battle system which involves training companions for combat purposes as well as being able to capture rare pets out in the field if you can best them in a battle. There’s no release date set for “Mists of Pandaria”, but we here at Nave360 will update you as and when we can, but for now check out the trailer below. [youtube nyeZ8khSEC0]

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