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Review: Winter Stars

Review: Winter Stars Charlie

Summary: Charlie takes a look at Winter Stars, is it any good? read the review to find out!


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Why do I even bother with Kinect games so much? I don’t mean to trash talk Kinect, but some games just do not work, where they feel broken, or they feel like they try to make the player strain all their muscles. This game does both which is NOT a good thing. One thing I’ll let you guys know is that this game is published by Deep Silver so maybe that’ll give you an indication on the feel of the game. Another thing I’ll mention is that I didn’t play as much of the game as I should for a valid reason: This game is broken. When I started out the campaign (if you’d even call it a campaign), the story was really plain. Essentially, the group you’re in is starting to lose out on many things, so they need to try and up their game and win some sporting events. Sporting events vary from:
  • Figure Skating
  • Biathlon
  • Bobsled
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Curling
  • Sky Freeride and more
Now before we talk about the gameplay, I must fret that the voice acting is absolutely atrocious. It’s almost like the developers had just published the actors of the street and said “You’re Hired”. I think out of all that I played, only one of the actors were half decent enough to sound slightly believable. Even the graphics themselves aren’t that impressive. Some objects in a scene didn’t even look like they had textures on them. It was either that or the engine was so weak it couldn’t load the textures properly. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I’m only speaking the truth here. Onto actual gameplay- I mean onto the “supposed” gameplay. In the campaign, the first sport you do is Bobsledding. Each sport comes with it’s own tutorial, and to get through just the tutorial itself takes a lot of patience and stamina to do. Half the time, I was doing exactly what the tutorial told me to do, and even then I failed at the sequence. When I got to the proper racing, for Bobsledding itself, it wasn’t too bad as the controls worked in some cases, and in some cases they didn’t. I didn’t come first, but I managed to get to second place. With a broken game, it’s almost impossible to complete it because you may just end up coming last many times. You need to earn coins to unlock other missions in the campaign. The campaign is rather lengthy as there are many cups for you to complete. When it came to trying out Skiing, that’s where I started to rage quite a lot, because it was there that the controls just did not work at all. I did everything that was instructed, but nothing worked. It’s not a good thing to come last all the time because of the controls. The shooting range does seem to work better than any of the other sports for the mere fact that you only need to use the top half of your body than the bottom. As for the multiplayer… well there was nobody on to play with. But if you’re alone, you can always play with computers… as if you were playing the campaign. It’s either the fact that nobody was playing the multiplayer, or that going through the multiplayer menus were so complex that nobody even tried. I tried to get a match going, but as I just said, nobody else was on. I suppose there was some good out of this game. The soundtrack really fit well with the style of the game, as it was so upbeat. Sometimes I wonder why games like Winter Stars are even allowed to be released when they’re so broken. This game could have been something of a great game… but unfortunately, it wasn’t. It was a failure. I would rather play Sonic Free Riders than this game, and Sonic Free Riders was not widely received.  

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