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Win Portal 2 for the Xbox 360 (Nave360 Competition)

The competition has now ended. Thanks for entering everybody!   Oh wow. You can win Portal 2? From Nave360?! Oh WOW! Yes, this is indeed the biggest single competition (by that, a single costly prize) we have done since we started back in September. We’re only a small site so we don’t get many chances to do these sorts of competitions. But from the goodness of our hearts (well, mine actually since it’s using MY MONEY), we’ve decided to do this competition… because we love you. Oh and before we carry on, you should know this competition is for UK/Ireland only. We love you where ever you live in the world, but we are sorry this is the UK/Ireland competition (/tear). As you may, or may not know, Portal 2 will be released in the UK on the 22nd April 2011. Knowing how much of a fan of Portal I am, I just couldn’t help but want to share my excitement with one of you, and that is why I am giving you (YES YOU!) a chance to win Portal 2 for the Xbox 360! This is totally funded by us (me), so we did not get a copy from Valve (as much as we would tear if they did). If that wasn’t enough, Insert Coin Clothing is giving the winner a T-Shirt based on the 2007 Portal game. You can see the t-shirt in the banner below. Special Thanks to Insert Coin Clothing for helping make this competition extra special! So how can you win this amazing prize, should you do ask? Well there are three ways to enter, my fellow companion cube, and that is by Twitter, Facebook and by posting a comment below with a valid email address we can contact you with. So, here is how you can win: Note: You may enter all 3 ways, but only once for Facebook and commenting below.


To win through Twitter:
  1. Go to and register for an account if you do not have one.
  2. Follow @Nave360 if you haven’t already.
  3. Start a new tweet, and YOU MUST tweet all of the following: “Follow @Nave360 and RT this message to win Portal 2 for the Xbox 360. (UK/IRELAND ONLY) RULES: #N360Portal”
  4. You may only tweet three times a day MAX! Anybody exceeding this will be disqualified.


To win through Facebook:
  1. Go to to register for a Facebook account if you do not have one.
  2. Go to to head over to our Facebook page.
  3. Click the “Like” button on the page if you haven’t already done so.
  4. Go to our comment post, found here.
  5. Post a comment saying whatever you wish.

Nave360 Comments

To win through our comments:
  1. Head to the bottom of this article.
  2. If you are logged into Disqus, LOG OUT!
  3. Post a comment saying anything you’d like, such as “Thanks for the competition” or something along the lines. Maybe just say “Dot” if you like.
  4. Click “Post as…”
  5. Either use “Disqus” if you are logged into it or click on “Guest”
  6. Be sure that “Disqus” is using a valid e-mail address that we can contact the winner on.
  7. If you use “Guest”, be sure to use a valid e-mail we can contact you on.
  8. Post a comment of anything and you’re done.
Good luck!

Official Rules (DO READ AND FOLLOW)

  1. Entrants should be 12 years and over. Anybody under the age SHOULD seek parental consent.
  2. The competition is open to UK and Ireland residents only.
  3. The competition will end Thursday 21st April 2011 at 8:00PM.
  4. The winner will be announced on Friday 22nd April 2011 in the morning. This is the day Portal 2 is released.
  5. If you win, please allow between 2-5 working days for Portal 2 to arrive.
  6. The T-Shirt will not be packaged with Portal 2 and will be sent seperatly from Insert Coin Clothing themselves.
  7. The winner will be asked for their size of the T-Shirt and the gender.
  8. You may not enter if you have worked, or are working for Nave360, however you may help retweet the competition through Twitter to broaden the competition.
  9. You may tweet the speculated tweet 3 times a day. If you exceed that, your Twitter entries will be disqualified from the competition.
  10. You must be following Nave360 on twitter for your tweets to count.
  11. You may enter via Facebook and our comments once each. If you exceed that, your Facebook/comment entries will be disqualified from the competition.
  12. You must be “Liking” our Facebook page for your Facebook entry to count.
  13. It is not our fault if you do not use a Valid e-mail we can contact you with for our comments, so double check!
  14. The winner will be contacted through their method of entry and will be asked for their mailing address.
  15. The winner may be chosen on Twitter, Facebook or our comments. Please note there will only be one winner throughout all entries, not one winner per entry method.
  16. Please remember you will win the Xbox 360 version of Portal 2, not the Playstation 3/PC (Steam) copy of Portal 2.
  17. If any bots enter, they will be immediately disqualified.
  18. If you have any questions about the competition, please @ us on twitter (@Nave360), or contact myself at, or through my twitter, @Kranitoko.
  19. This competition is not ran by Valve or EA Games.
  20. We are not responsible if Portal 2 is lost in the post and does not arrive to you. However, we will try our best to find out where it is if not delivered.

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  • Thomas Carter

    Thanks for the competition! Hope I win 😀

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    Great prize, please count me in – thanks!

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  • fab comp , good luck everyone @twinklenicci on twitter xxx

  • Not open to US? 🙁

    • Unfortunately it’s an Xbox 360 PAL version of the game, we do our best to ensure
      It’s as fair as it can possibly become. Besides now you know how I feel about all
      The Xbox / Microsoft stuff exclusive to the US!

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    *fingers crossed* ;P

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    Twitter is Mckenzze 😀
    Would love to win this, as Im short on money at the moment so it would be an awesome Easter Present from the easter Nave 😉

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    OH I want the game so much and btw thanks for the giveaway, alot of giveaways nowadays are scams.

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    Brilliant competition, thank you for the chance to win this fantastic prize.

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    I am so very excited for this game and this is a super little competition; glad to see you love your readers so much 😉

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    great comp. thanks for running

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    I want to win, please?

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    Great comp. You guys (I mean Charlie) are generous! Lol

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  • Hope I win, thanks. 🙂

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    Good luck everyone (I’m just being nice, really Im saying SCREW YOU ALL, ITS MINE!)

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    Winning Portal 2 would honestly be pretty sweet.

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    Do you know what doesn’t rhyme with compliance?


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  • 😮 only 10mins to go!

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