Published on January 24th, 2012 | by Charlie


Will Microsoft Throw Away MSP System by End of Year?

There are reports going around that Microsoft are to throw away their currency system (Microsoft Points) sometime before this year is out.

Players can spend cash to buy Microsoft points, enabling them to buy Xbox Live Arcade games, Avatar clothing, DLC, props, themes, and even Windows 7 Phone items and movies. This is according to InsideMobileApps.

This might mean that you just have to pay normal cash for the things you want on the Marketplace, much like the Games on Demand service, where you can pay by cash, or indeed have the price converted into Microsoft Points. So far this is just a rumor, but we’ll get back to you if we hear anything.

In a way, I hope they do because its rather naff having to spend money to buy Microsoft points to buy games.

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