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Wii U Release Dates And Pricing Announced for US/EU

Nintendo fans in Europe and the United States have a lot to look forward to this holiday season with the Wii U’s imminent release. Releasing on November 18th in the United States, European fans will only be left waiting until November 30th, meaning both territories will get the console ahead of Japan. The Wii U  will launch with both the Basic and Premium versions available at retail: Nintendo Wii U Basic
  • White Wii U Console (8GB Storage)
  • Gamepad + Stylus (White)
  • AC Adapter
  • HDMI Cable
Nintendo Wii U Premium
  • Black Wii U Console (32GB Storage)
  • Gamepad + Stylus (Black)
  • AC Adapter
  • HDMI Cable
  • Charging Dock + Gamepad Stand
  • A Copy Of NintendoLand
  • Nintendo Network Premium Subscription (10% off digital purchases and earn points back)
The Basic Wii U bundle will launch at $299.99 in the US and at $349.99 for the Premium bundle. Hesitant to announce pricing for Europe, it was left to retailers to break the news that Europe will be paying more for Nintendo’s latest piece of hardware (as always),with average pricing around €299.99 for the Basic console and €349.99 for the Premium bundle. Early adopters in the UK will be dropping £249.99 (worst deal at GAME) for the Basic console and £299.99 for the Premium (best deal at Zavvi). Considering current conversion rates, UK owners pay £40 more than Japan and staggeringly pay $100 more than the US just for the Basic model of the Wii U. Are you looking forward to the first of the next generation of consoles, or is the Wii U priced too highly for success?

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  • Pricing is just wrong, i can’t see it being a success, especially considering new gen consoles are just around the corner

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