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What’s in the Crysis 2 Nano Edition?

Big game releases nowadays rarely ever come out in only one version. Most release a standard edition and a special edition and sometimes an even more special limited edition, which is usually very expensive. In addition to the Crysis 2 Normal and Limited Editions, Crytek will release a “Nano” version of the game which will include a couple of goodies. Here today, we have some screen-shots of the items that will be included with this version. Here’s a list of the things you’ll get followed by a gallery. STEELBOOK TIN The Steelbook™ features exclusive artwork with the Nano pattern print effect. It contains the Limited Edition version of the game including all four bonus in-game unlocks: Bonus XP                                 Day 1 access to all preset classes SCAR Weapon Skin               SCAR Assault Rifle Digital Camouflage Weapon Attachment             Day 1 access to SCAR Hologram Decoy Unique Platinum Dog Tag    Display your multiplayer rank and stats ALCATRAZ FIGURINE Produced by First4Figures, this figurine of Alcatraz on a New York taxi features unique lighting effects as seen on the Nanosuit 2. NANOSUIT BACKPACK Designed around the Nanosuit 2, this generously sized backpack will accommodate a 17” laptop within its specially padded compartment making it great for everyday use. STUDIO ART BOOK Designed and produced by the Crytek studio team. Featuring over 150 pages of exclusive art and commentary documenting the games production.

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  • Now that is what i want, but i will never get it. Cannot afford it

  • Shmexi. But I didn’t like the crysis 2 beta much so I might not get this anyway. Also, Gabe, when it comes to the excerpt, you dont6 have to right something like “Details after the break” or “Go inside for the details”. Leave that part out. Makes the article seem posh xD

    • And also makes people click on the post Charlie… Just because you don’t do it doesn’t mean Gabriel shouldn’t. Good work Gabriel 🙂

  • Is this game available for pc also..??

    Waiting for your reply 🙂

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