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What The New “Alan Wake” Title Content Could Be

So earlier today, Remedy revealed that there is another Alan Wake title in the works, but what they also said is that it’s not going to be “Alan Wake 2”, or some more downloadable content. However, some developers do like to choose their words extremely carefully (especially the likes of Valve), so I’ve done a bit of dabbing and came up with a few solutions on what this new content could be. WARNING: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS OF THE FIRST ALAN WAKE.
  1. An Expansion Pack – Technically, this isn’t downloadable content. This could contain, let’s say 3 or 4 brand new episodes in an expansion pack. Remember Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening? Yes sure it was also available as downloadable content, but there’s still a chance there could be an expansion pack to Alan Wake.
  2. Alan Wake: Season 2 – Now yes, Remedy did indeed say that what they’ve got planned is not Alan Wake 2 (not yet anyway). However, it could still be titled “Alan Wake: Season 2” since the franchise is told in episodes and possibly seasons. Not a sequel, but a brand new “season”. Smart huh?
  3. Alan Wake Kinect – While not a sequel, Remedy could be porting the first Alan Wake game onto Kinect. Though it’d be quite hard to imagine how this would work, it’s still a big possibility.
  4. Alan Wake (XBLA) – Remedy could be making an Xbox Live Arcade game for Alan Wake. The first game did not do well in sales and took one year to reach the million mark. But it still sold and earned money, so if Remedy did not have enough for a sequel, maybe it had enough money for a smaller game for Xbox Live Arcade. While I, personally, would like a full sequel, it’s still quite possible.
  5. Alan Wake – PC – A lot of people have wanted this game to be on the PC, so could this be what people have wanted? Most likely the game would be released on Games for Windows Live, but there is a slight possibility that it could go on Steam. Why? Well let’s put it as a fair trade. Left 4 Dead is on the Xbox 360 and Steam. Yes, Left 4 Dead is a Valve game so it’s pretty obvious that the game would be on Steam, but maybe Microsoft might do the same thing for Alan Wake and hand it over to Valve. Who knows?
  6. Alan Wake Prequel – Bright Falls seems to have a large history of “the darkness”. It has quite a big history, but things didn’t really start happening until the 1960’s, so maybe the next installment could go into more detail about those events.
  7. A Spin-Off with Barry Wheeler – Ever wanted to know what happened after Alan left the vault which contained the Clicker? What happened to Barry, Sarah and Cynthia? We might actually find out in a spin off. Let’s face it, if you had the chance to play as the awesome Barry Wheeler, would you buy the game? I know I would. And one other question remains… Mr Scratch. Thomas Zane said he would go back and meet Barry, Sarah and Cynthia, so who knows.
  8. A Spin-Off with Alice Wake – Though highly unlikely, those who played to the end of the game will have seen that Alice was freed from the darkness and managed to swim to the top of the lake. What happened to her after that? Will we find out in a spin-off of her?
Those eight ideas are the most logical ones. Who knows what the newest instalment really is? Well, Remedy does. According to Remedy, we will find out real soon what this could be and with E3 just around the corner, well… you get the idea. Click here to read the news about the newest Alan Wake instalment.  

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