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What if Developers Trolled/Tricked Gamers to Stop Leaks?

We all know about how bad, or indeed good leaks can be. For a gamer, they add a great deal of hype to a possible sequel, just like the leak or Borderlands 2. But to a developer, it can be a nightmare because they plan a lot when making their reveal, and to see their plans all smashed to bits breaks their hearts a bit. But it’s not just announcement leaks; its also full game leaks, like when the campaign of Gears of War 3 was leaked (even though it was not yet finished). But then something popped into my mind… what if developers (or publishers) tricked the gamers? Journalists are always trying to scoop an exclusive and are sometimes even going as far as to hack into databases to even get these leaks. So what if developers trolled or tricked people? You know, put a “decoy” out there that a journalist will just “happen” to come by. Valve tend to do it sometimes; they put out secret messages hidden all around their games, that sometimes could mean something is about to happen. It has it’s good and bad points, of course, so here is it from both sides. The Good Sides
  • It gives developers extra time before journalists of fans start to figure things out, giving the developers a chance for an unleaked announcement.
  • It gives the fans indication that something is going to happen, whether the “leaked” content is fake or not.
  • It allows developers to be more creative when it comes to hinting at a game.
  • It’s a great decoy for developers.
The Bad Sides
  • If not executed properly, it could cause massive problems. For example, you could put out a picture of a crow bar and people might think it’s Half Life 3, when really Valve would actually be announcing Left 4 Dead 3. I ain’t saying they are announcing it… it was just an example, so don’t get excited.
  • It could cause a great loss in respect to developers.
  • If it’s not a convincing enough “decoy”, it could make the media or gamers more determined to find a leak.
  • Who’s job would it even be to create the “decoy”? Would their talents feel wasted?
I’m sure there are many more reasons why this could be considered a good idea or a bad idea. What do you think though? Is it a great way to stop leaks and allow for a formal reveal, or do you think it would just cause massive problems amongst the gaming community?

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