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Want to Write a “Have You Played…”?

As you guys know, “Have You Played…” is a hugely successful segment on Nave360, as is “Do You Remember?”. We are incredibly happy with the response we recieve, and I personally would like to reach out a bit more with my segment. So first of all, this is the current schedule for the “Have You Played…” for the next few weeks:    

1st May – Dead Space 8th May – XBLA Special 15th May – Dan’s (@DeadmanDRB) Week 22nd May – Reader’s Week

  On the 22nd May, one of our readers will have their work published on the site. Who knows? If it’s so good, we may ask you to write more for us, if you so wish. As you guys know, Have You Played is a weekly Sunday segment where I look at current generation games and ask the readers if they have played that game or not, and hopefully convince gamers to play it. At the end of the segment, I give the game a score (like a review) on how badly it should be played. So what is required to write a “Have You Played…”? Well here’s a bunch of rules you need to follow if you would like it to be published on the site (most rules are as if you were writing a review):
  1. The article must be between 1000 to 2000 words. Trust me, it’s not as much as you think it is. It’s like you’re writing a review
  2. You need to be indepth with the games features, like it’s flaws, what’s brilliant about it, the games story if there is one, and so forth. Read up on previous “Have You Played…” and get a feel of how I write them. You may want to write about why the players enjoyed/hated the game too.
  3. A score out of 10 is required.
  4. Don’t always think you have to choose an amazing game. Choose any game you wish that has not already been written about. It can be a horrible game if you wish.
  5. Don’t be a fanboy. For example, if you have Call of Duty posters, mugs, clothes etc and decide to do one of the Call of Duty games, don’t just give it a 10 because you love it. Explain why you would give it a 10, or if there are flaws, explain those and reflect those flaws onto the score. (This is not me telling you to write about Call of Duty. It was a complete example)
  6. The game you write about must be a game that is either an Xbox 360 exclusive or a multiplatform game that is also avaliable for the Xbox 360.
  7. When writing the article, you may write a short snippet about yourself if you wish, but it’s not required.
  8. Here are a list of games you cannot write about because they have already been done/will be written about soon (click on the game to read the article):
The deadline for your “Have You Played…” articles will be the 20th May 2011. Please submit them to and there is no limit on how many you could write, but it won’t reflect your chances. I will choose one which I believe has best fit the required elements. And if you are a friend of mine, don’t think that’s your ticket to getting published. The choice is completely my own, but don’t let that stop you from sending me one. Your article will be published on N4G (they tend to be popular on there). I will try my best to write a thank you message to all those unsuccessful, but I would advise you not to delete your articles, as I may do more of “Reader’s Weeks” in the future, so you may be able to resubmit your article. When you are submitting your article, please leave us your name so that we can place it on the article. If you no longer want your article to be published onto the site, you must let me know before the 20th May 2011, or it may be published whether you want it or not.   So get those written and send them in!

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