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Walk/Playthrough: Call of Duty: Black Ops Veteran Difficulty

So come all, to watch myself (Charlie Murray) fail miserably at Call of Duty: Black Ops…. in Veteran Difficulty. Oh yes. It’s so hard, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are still stuck on mission two. But if you find it easy, then I’ll just go cry in a corner… here’s the walkthrough… We do apologise it is late, but better late than never. We do get very busy at Nave360, and with a small staff, we get sidetracked A LOT. You forgive us right?

Part One: To Noob or Not To Noob

Part Two: That Was A Headshot?

Part Three: Step Zero

Part Four: Raising Hell

Part Five: Mr Hudson Shades

Part Six: Who Wants An Eyeball?

Part Seven: Missiles Run on Gas?

Part Eight: Fading To New Weapons

Part Nine: You Don’t Shoot The Barrels

Part Ten: The Shortest Part

Part Eleven: Losing Your Life Burns!

Part Twelve: Dramatic Jump

Part Thirteen: Glass Shattering Action

Part Fourteen: Wave Like An Idiot

Part Fifteen: No Deaths Or Fades?!

Part Sixteen: Deaths Return

Part Seventeen: Black and Blue

Part Eighteen: Glarge…..Blarge…..

Part Ninteen: Crushed By Atoms

Part Twenty: Rolling the Stones

Part Twenty-One: Where’s Reznov?

Part Twenty-Two: Where’s The Birdey?

Part Twenty-Three: The Cold Silence

Part Twenty-Four: Play By The Rules!

Part Twenty-Five: Swirving Both Ways

Part Twenty-Six: A Longer Short Part

Part Twenty-Seven: Two in the Chamber

Part Twenty-Eight: A Little Gassy

Part Twenty-Nine: What-A-Twist

Part Thirty: It All Makes NO Sense

Part Thirty-One: The Creepy Dead Guy

Part Thirty-Two: Choking or Drowning?

Ending Credits

—————————————————————————————————————————————— Take a look at some achievement videos below:

I hate monkeys Achievement – 15G


Just ask me nicely/”Insert Coin” Achievements – 15G/5G


Easy Rhino/Eaten by a Grue Achievements – 10G/15G

And if you haven’t already seen it, take a look at this strange error we encountered whilst doing the Veteran walkthrough:

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