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Review: VolChaos

Review: VolChaos Charlie

Summary: VolChaos is an indie game on the Xbox 360. Should you buy it? … Yes!


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Normally indie games are just not my thing, but I always make a little exception with FunInfused Games since they just make some great material, and VolChaos is no exception! VolChaos feels like it’s a game made in the 90’s and brought back in glorious HD; it’s always good to go back to the retro days. While there’s no direct story to the game, at the start of each level there’s either a tip about the game or something you can learn about the character you play as, who doesn’t seem to have a name. That’s good. A nameless hero. What you do learn is the reason behind to why the man is risking life and limb for all the gems that can be found floating about the volcano, which is actually the objective: collect all the gems and reach the flag before the lava catches up to you. The lava itself rises up, meaning you’ll have to use your reflexes and skills to beat the game the proper way. With every gem you miss, you receive a time penalty, meaning another aim for this game is to try and complete each level with a good time. There’s no online leader board for the Xbox 360 version, which is a real shame as then it means that your time limit is a self victory and you can’t really compete against your friends from across the world. Maybe it’s something Fun Infused could add one day? If you manage to get every gem to a level, you unlock that level’s expert mode which we’ll come to in a second. The game isn’t as easy as you think as it’s not as simple as finding the gems and jumping to higher ground before the lava reaches you… well now that I think about it, not even that seems simple. But the platforms you jump on tend to either be very narrow or will collapse once you jump on them, which is why your reflexes will be needed greatly. If that wasn’t hard enough, the game throws in a bunch of enemies, which vary from fire bats to jumping flames with faces (not sure if they have a name) to a boss fight that requires more skill than any of the level of the game. Don’t worry about lives, because the game doesn’t work on how many lives you have, but instead how many lives you’ve lost. Oh yes. More humiliation. Of course don’t expect to be a pro at this game, because there’s no doubt you’ll lose many lives. I mean you even get little awardments for dying. Isn’t that cool?! And then if playing the game in normal mode wasn’t enough, expert mode may get your fingers twiddling too. Everything turns black, slightly making things harder in the sense that you may not know what platform will remain and what platform will fall on contact. Everything seems to be a lot harder, but personally I found expert mode a little easier, mostly due to the fact that there are no gems to distract you. It’s just pure and simply a speed run, which is still great fun if a little easier; although the boss fight only had one change to it, and that seemed a little harder than in normal mode. VolChaos is one of the most fun indie games that I have ever played. However there were a couple of things that did bug me, one being that some levels really did feel out of place. One moment you might be flying through the levels, and then in comes a level in which you’ll die around 60 times in, and then you may start flying through them again. And in the game, there are some gems which look out of reach. Believe it or not, but they aren’t actually out of reach, and that there are actually invisible platforms. I have been told that these were part of the main game, but there seemed to be no warning about this, so no doubt many people would be confused about if the invisible platforms were a glitch or not (despite not being). And for some strange reason, the controls tend to glitch out a little bit once in a while, but it doesn’t really get annoying. With 42 levels (in both normal and expert mode) to complete, and many gems to collect, VolChaos will give you hours of entertainment and is completely worth it’s 80 MSP price. It’s a wonderful reminder that games of the retro era need remembering, and that pixelated 2D side-scrollers are still as fun as they used to be… unless it’s Sonic 4, which wasn’t even 2D. The art style of the game is really good, and I just love how it melts well into the game. VolChaos is probably the best Indie Game I’ve played all year and is certainly the best game FunInfused Games have made (I’ve played all but one of them). I enjoyed it so much that I have 100% on everything… apart from finding that sloth! This game deserves a sequel, so maybe if we ask nicely…

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