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VGA’s to Reveal Next Alan Wake and Bioware Game

The Video Game Awards are to occur on the 10 December 2011, and as you may know, it’s not just for video game awards. While it hasn’t been revealed who will host the show (please don’t let it be somebody who is actually UP for an award), it has been revealed that two new games will be revealed at the show. News of this came about when Geoff Keighley said on his twitter: “Also at the VGAs: Alan Wake returns and @Bioware unveils a new game from a new studio. Teaser images in December Game Informer mag.” The first of which is the next Alan Wake game. Remedy revealed earlier this year that they are working on a new Alan Wake game after a few details were revealed. Remedy Entertainment told that the next game was neither a prequel, or sequel to the original Alan Wake game, leaving many to believe it could be a downloadable title. There’s also been no news on who is publishing the game, so maybe we’ll see a multiplatform Alan Wake? Another game to be revealed at the VGA’s is the next Bioware game. Last year, Bioware revealed Mass Effect 3 with their sneak peak image, and it’s possible this year may be no exception. Could their next game be a brand new title, or do you think it’s just Dragon Age III? Let us know!

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