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VGA: Phantom Pain Announced (Rumor: MGSV)

One of the biggest shock reveals at this year’s Video Game Awards was Phantom Pain an upcoming title from Moby Dick Studios; the trailer asked a lot of questions, now it’s our turn, could Phantom Pain actually be Metal Gear Solid V? Evidence It’s a reasoning that has a surprising amount of evidence to back it up, firstly the game is in development by Moby Dick Studios, don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them, no one has. The studios official site lacks an address and curiously The Phantom Pain is their first project. The trailer didn’t list a publisher either, raising questions in regards to the high quality on display. The company was founded this year by Joakim Mogren, another unknown. Joakim is an anagram of Kojima and the ‘studio heads’ second name is the name of a football club in Montenegro, where Metal Gear Rising Revengeance begins. Staff in Moby Dick T-shirts were spotted at the VGA’s in the Konami VIP section and Alex Rubens (a freelance journalist) tweeted that they were certainly not Swedish. It gets even better from there; take a look at the games logo and you’ll notice fragmented letters above the title. If you managed to read between the lines, you may have noticed this. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? Lastly the trailers signature style resulted in people immediately identifying the project with Kojima productions, who are widely appraised for their graphical capabilities. The icing on the cake, mayhaps the fact he looks just a little like Solid Snake? Conclusion With such a staggering amount of evidence weighed against it, the possibility of The Phantom Pain being a metal gear title is incredibly high. I honestly believe that’s exactly what Kojima Productions want, by planting Easter eggs into the trailer, The Phantom Pain has become one of the most hotly discussed topics of the VGA’s. Leaving us with one final question, did we discover a hidden message or did we fall into their trap?

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