Published on March 1st, 2012 | by Charlie


Valve WILL Be At E3 2012

It’s time guys. Could this finally be what we’ve been waiting for, or just another troll event from Valve? This news comes after it was discovered that Valve will have their own booth at E3 2012. No doubt they will be flooded by excited, and angry fans all hoping for one thing… Half Life. But knowing Valve, the biggest trolls since the “Trololol video”, it might just be DOTA2 or Counter Strike: Global Offensive, as believe it or not, both of those games are STILL in Beta. Other possibilities on what they could be there for could well include Left 4 Dead 3 (since a new game is also longingly overdue… for a Left 4 Dead game that is). One thing is for certain: If Valve do not announce Half Life 3/Episode 3 at E3, then they might just lose their fans they’ve worked so hard to earn.

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