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Valve Boss Looks at Reinventing the Single Player Genre

Written by: Cryss Leonhart The story came from reports from the app “The Final Hours Of Portal 2.” Which called the sequel the last game with an isolated single player. The 15,000 word app consisting of information on the creation of Portal 2 as well as numerous interactive diagrams and interviews with Gabe Newell as well as Wheatley (Stephen Merchant.) For Portal fanatics the app is available here   Valve are not removing the single player experience as previously reported, its the case that the boss Gabe Newell sat down in an interview with a high school student. Who worried over the future of those who worried about the future of games like Half Life who’s story driven approach has so far catered to the single player experience. The announcement was made just after the release of Portal 2 stating that it was “probably” Valve’s last game with an isolated single-player experience.” But luckily for single player fans that wasn’t the case. The video below caters on many interesting subjects but the key point here is the he describes as the future for Valve being a “Single Player Plus” I think what we’re trying to talk about is the fact is not that we’re not thinking about single-player games-Portal 2 I think is a pretty good example of what we’ve learned over the years in terms of how to create those experiences. It’s more that we think that we have to work harder in the future. That entertainment is inherently increased in value by having it be social, by letting you play with your friends, by recognizing that you’re connected with other people. Single-player is great, but we also have to recognize that you have friends and wanted to have that connected as well. It’s not about giving up on single-player at all. It’s saying we actually think there are a bunch of features and capabilities that we need to add into our single-player games to recognize the socially connected gamer. Every gamer has instant messaging, every gamer has a Facebook account. If you pretend that that doesn’t exist, you’re ignoring the problems that you’re taking on. It’s single-player plus, not ‘no more single-player.’ If you keep watching the video he also describes as the reason that Half Life and Portal being set in the same universe for a specific reason. “When you’re thinking about games, you sort of want to think about how characters collide. In their current forms, Chell and Gordon are very similar characters. In terms of the phenomenology of their experiences. … In terms of having these people coexist at same time and same place, that’s … part of the reason Portal and Half-Life are in the same universe.”

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