Published on April 30th, 2012 | by Charlie


Valve and IGN Are Hiding Something…

They are. They’re hiding something and I don’t like it when IGN is… doing something with Valve. Well I suppose it depends on the game really. Earlier today, both Valve and IGN sent tweets out which might just interest you. First it was a tweet from IGN, telling you to “Wake up and smell the ashes,” a famous line from the G-Man intro of Half-Life 2. Not long after, @Steam_Support tweeted “Be sure to check out all the #Valve feeds:“. Something is going on, and we think you know what we’re thinking it could be. Valve is scheduled to be at E3 2012, so you can only hope it’s Half-Life 3. But E3 is still a good month away, so could we be getting an early announcement, with previews showing at E3? Perhaps this is just a mere coincidence. Only time will tell.

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