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Published on May 12th, 2012 | by Cryss


Uncharted 3 Gets A Multiplayer Update

Following the recent trend of Uncharted patches, fans of “Drakes Deception” will find a lot to like with Uncharted 3’s latest update”1.11″, an entirely multiplayer orientated patch. One of the biggest changes will be the inclusion of ‘the Lab’, a playlist featuring a ‘unique series of multiplayer game types that (Naughty Dog) designers have concocted that focus on, above all, being fun,’ for example maps that allow the use of only the T-Bolt and Pistole weapons. 1.11 will also see the return of the “Elimination” game type and the inclusion of ‘Advanced Settings’ into custom games, allowing you to manipulate and fine tune everything, from respawn time to restrictions on kickbacks and boosters. Of course the patch features a number of small fixes and adjustments too:
  • Leaving games, disconnecting or turning off the PlayStation 3 now counts as a loss on your record
  • Plunder and Team objective modes no longer affect your permanent statistics
  • Airstrip and London maps have a ‘no intro’ variation
  • The ‘Long Ranger Medal’ has had it’s requirements reduced to 3 kills at 50 meters.

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