Published on October 10th, 2011 | by Cryss


UK Game Retailer Pulls PSP And PC Games

It’s common knowledge that HMV isn’t the largest player in Video Game sales. However with a good stake of around 20% of game sales, the removal of PC and PSP sections are a sign of changing times. PC gaming has experienced a major shift with services like Steam and Origin bring gaming to the masses without interaction with the retailers, and many PC users have far more steam games than they do actually physical copies of games. PSP on the other hand is in a mixed boat with the launch of the Vita next year, with a lack of support for the console and a user base which consists of a large proportion of hacked consoles playing games for free. It’s difficult to try and find a market for Sony’s previous generation of handheld. Whilst this change has only been noted in smaller HMV stores, we would like to know if anyone has seen the larger HMV’s pulling PC and PSP stock from the shelves.

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