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Ubisoft’s E3 2012 Conference

Next up, we have Ubisoft’s conference (as thrilling as they get). Let’s see what happens… as it happens.
  • Ubisoft are a little late… as usual.
  • First off, we begin with a trailer for Just Dance 4… or dancing women more or less. The music is a little glitch though, or maybe that’s just the stream. And who’s this? Oh. It’s FLO RIDA. What the heck is he doing here? And I thought Usher was bad. Just Dance 4 is available October 9th 2012. They didn’t really show the trailer off much.
  • Aisha Tyler has come on stage to help push Just Dance 4 in your direction. But she’s here to present the Ubisoft show. And it’s Tobuscus! Toby Turner is going to co-host the show. It’s a dream.
  • Far Cry 3 is up next. The game still looks god damn creepy, but a good creepy. The gameplay trailer starts with a naked woman doing weird sexual things to you. How bizarre. The trailer moves onto an underwater segment, and water has never looked so pretty. Hold on, where did he get that bow and arrow? And since when would be suddenly become an expert with it? Why are games obsessed with the bow and arrow lately? And now suddenly the place is on fire! At least the environment looks beautiful. And now there’s some crazy flamethrower guy; what is going on here? And now the character suddenly has a knife stabbed in his chest. Wonder if that went anywhere near his heart? “You are me. And I am you”. Far Cry 3 looks amazing. Far Cry 3 is a big world. A VERY big world.
  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist returns to the stage with a brand new trailer. This game is looking stealthier than ever.
  • The next game is The Avengers: Battle for Earth (wait, that’s being developed by Ubisoft?). This game is not based on the movie, because it has the likes of Wolverine, Spiderman, Storm, and Magneto, as well as the rest of the Avengers. The game will be released for Wii U and Xbox 360 Kinect.
  • Next, Ubisoft is showing off some Wii U stuff… and the first game they’re showing off is Rayman Legends. Ubisoft are showing off Rayman Legends using early development versions of the Wii U. One guy is using the Wii U’s game pad to move around, which seems rather cool. The game pad is working really well with Rayman Legends. You’ll be able to play with up to 5 players on the Wii U. Now they’re showing off a really awesome level that closely resembles the “Land of the Livid Dead” level from Rayman Origins, but much easier I suppose. Rayman Legends looks phenomenally fun and I would buy this on the Wii U at launch.
  • The next Wii U title they are showing is a survival horror that drops you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Ubisoft doing a zombie game? The trailer goes through a destructive environment in time stopped motion. It’s a game set in the United Kingdom, with the anthem playing in the background of the trailer. The game is called ZombiU. How long will you survive? It’s a Wii U exclusive game.
  • Ubisoft are now showing a taste on what we can expect from Wii U, including Your Shape, a new Rabbids title, Sports Connection, Just Dance 4 and more.
  • Ubisoft are now moving onto Assassin’s Creed III. Will Connor kill Americans too? Will we find out? The trailer opens up with the UK/US war, with Connor’s voice in the background. There’s an eagle too. And Connor just ran into a whole army of Britons. Is he crazy? He’s taking on a whole army by himself essentially. Oh and now another user with a bow and arrow.  Looks like we don’t get to see any American killing after all. Francois Pelland is now on the stage to show some actual gameplay. Finally. The demo starts in New England, with some wild animals running through a cold forest alongside Connor… speedy runner. Connor is running across these trees like a bad ass. And now a pack of wolves begin to attack him, to which he wins the battle. He stumbles upon a camp; a British one? Oh wait, there’s the American flag. Strange how I heard a British accent. Now Connor is on the road again, this time on a horse. I feel like this game is like Red Dead Redemption meets Assassin’s Creed. Now Connor is taking on the British soldiers like they were cake. The game looks graphically impressive; definitely a step up from the previous games. Connor has now entered a British camp, and already he’s blown up the place. Assassin’s Creed 3 looks amazing, and you can buy it at the end of October. Confirmed: You will fight Americans and Britons, but most importantly Templars.
  • Ubisoft are now moving onto eSports. Toby Turner has come out onto the main stage; he’s come out of the darkness. ShootMania: Storm, a new first-person shooter was just announced. Great. And now Toby and Aisha have put on a wager on who gets to host the rest of the show… why? These are the moments that bore us Ubisoft. 3 v 1… that sounds fair. I’ll talk again once this is over… And Toby’s team won. Does that mean he gets to host the rest of the show now? Nope. So what was the point of the wager?
  • Ubisoft Worlds now showing off innovating games where the community has done the games’ justice.
  • And now Ubisoft are moving onto ‘the future of Ubisoft’. They’re showing a brand new IP called Watch_Dogs… not that I have any idea what it’s even about. You play a man obsessed with surveillance, where you watch over a whole city. Ubisoft are now showing a demo of the game, so perhaps we’ll understand more of the game. So the game looks to be open world; that’s a good start. It’s just a man walking through the streets right now. The man just jammed everybody’s communications, probably for a distraction. Clever. The game is quite calm and slow; I actually like that fact. But the lip syncing is way off. The game actually allows you to spy on the conversations of people and find out what’s happening around you. And now he just caused a massive pile up. Damn… The game is a shooter, but then again most games are these days. At least it’s a third-person one and not a first-person one. And he just shot a guy. We don’t know why but we’ll find out when the game is out. Wait, did the game just swap from one character to another? Oh… The game looks like great fun.
  • Sadly no Beyond Good and Evil news… but strangely, it was a good conference.

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