Published on March 8th, 2011 | by Gabriel


Ubisoft Offers Beyond Good and Evil Soundtrack for Free

Beyond Good and Evil HD was released last week for XBLA, essentially giving the unappreciated title a second chance at success. Our own Charlie reviewed the game and had a lot of good to say about it. My opinion: you should go buy it, it’s only 800 Microsoft Points. Still here? Well, we have some more BG&E news. Ubisoft is currently offering the game’s soundtrack for free. So why not go and give it a listen? Can’t beat that price. Go get it HERE.

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  • Downloaded it a few hours ago 🙂 I never usually listen to the whole soundtrack. I just have it just in case ;P

  • Rynnb1983

    ok stupid question…how do you download the soundtrack? the link is broken or won’t open or even download. did Ubi Remove it?

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