Published on July 15th, 2011 | by Charlie


Ubisoft Announces uPlay Passport

EA has one… Sony now has one… Xbox Live kind of is one… and now its Ubisoft’s turn. Oh yes… the Online Passes haunt again. It seems that the end of last decade and the beginning of this one is the start of Online Passes for all companies, trying to take money from you all. In a way, you can and can’t blame them, as in these harsh times, its every developer/publisher for themselves. uPlay Passport expands on the features of Ubisoft’s creation, uPlay. The passport will first be added into Driver: San Francisco when it is released this August/September. And then the passport will be added in future titles of Ubisoft games. These passports are said to be crucial to play any multiplayer in future games. If you happen to buy pre-owned versions of Ubisoft games, the uPlay Passport will cost you around $9.99. Just a matter of time before publishers such as Valve and Activision follow the same path.

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