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Trivia or Die Review [XBLIG]

Release Date: 11 February 2011 Genre(s): Puzzle & Trivia Developer: FunInfused Type: Xbox Live Indie Game Rating: Mature


Trivia or Die is the latest game to come from the mind of Kris Steele. Featuring over 500 questions, local 1-4 player, and a sense of humour, is Trivia or Die worth its 80 Microsoft point price? Of course. The game is an Xbox Live Indie Game, so of course, if you are an achievement hunter, then I am afraid to say you will not earn any from these types of games, unless you think up some in your head. But such games like Trivia or Die prove that you just don’t need achievements to have a good time. You start off by choosing how many players you wish to have in the game, how many questions will be asked and the difficulty of questions (although the higher the difficulty of questions, the smarter the AI players are, if you have any). The game uses the Xbox Avatar system, so make sure you dress up your avatar to look its best in front of the host. Once you have set up the settings, you can begin the match. There are over 500 questions, so you can’t really complain that the same questions have already popped up, which is great news for trivia game lovers. The questions are completely random, so you could be answering a question on food, and then the next minute, you’re answering a question on movies. You need to answer questions fast, as you are on a timer. For every question you get right, you earn 100 points. Although the quicker you answer the question, and depending on if you get it right, depends on if you get a bonus 25 points, and it could just be those 25 points you need to beat your opponent. I’m glad that the categories are shown above. For example, you can see the question is clearly on “Food”, but above, you may like to have the question category. I like seeing that in games, just so I can go “argh” or “yay” before I read a question, depending on if I like that type of category or not.

It's freaky that they're all doing the same thing...

There were a few questions that did make me chuckle though, but some of them require a bit of FunInfused background knowledge to understand them, which of course, I did. Once you have finished a round of questions, everybody’s scores are totalled up and the one with the most points wins the game. The other contestants however… die in a fiery pit (Hey, it’s not called “Trivia or Die” without the “or die” part. I mean can you imagine a game just called Trivia? That would be a lame game where there’s no catch). Whether you win or lose, a text box explaining how well or badly you did will also appear. It all depends on how many questions you got right, and how many questions you got wrong. Trivia or Die takes original trivia games and adds a nice twist at the end of it. You can certainly tell FunInfused have worked hard on it, especially when there are over 500 questions involved! You will feel a little lonesome playing against the AI, so the best time to play a game like this is when you have friends over. That isn’t me saying you MUST play it with friends over, as playing against the AI is still good too. I just wonder what FunInfused has got for us next. Trivia or Die can be downloaded for 80 Microsoft points via the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace.


The Good

  • Lots of questions
  • Hard to come by the same question twice, twice!
  • More fun with friends

The Bad

  • You feel lonesome playing on your own

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