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Review: Trials Evolution Origin of Pain

Review: Trials Evolution Origin of Pain Daniel

Summary: Daniel takes a look at the first DLC released for Trials Evolution


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By now you’ve probably played Trials Evolution and have either been trapped in it’s addictive, torturous gameplay or gone to therapy because of said addictive, torturous gameplay. Either way, you know what to expect from the devilish minds of RedLynx with Trials. Origin of Pain is no different. It’s the same addicting game as before, just in a new locale; and that’s where Origin of Pain stands out. Everyone knows what to expect from Trials, so I’m not going to focus on it much. What you will notice when playing Origin of Pain is the sheer originality, uniqueness and utter madness that resides within the track design on Paine Island. There’s elements you’ve seen before used in different ways and in different areas which freshens up the gameplay anyway, but then developers RedLynx have included some downright crazy elements into the tracks which I’m sure even they scoffed at when they were mentioned in meetings. I’m not going to spoil even the simplest of the new tracks but some of the tracks you play through will leave you grinning from ear to ear with surprise and delight in equal measure.

Along with the new tracks (there are 36 new tracks in total, 10 are supercross tracks, spread across multiple difficulties), there are also two new skill games and a whole load of new objects to use in the track editor and new helmets to unlock for your rider. One of which is the Behemoth Knight. From Castle Crashers. Yes, that is awesome. Oh, and there’s also a new bike called the Gecko 520. The Gecko is a BMX which handles slightly differently from the usual motorcross bikes, but is still a hell of a lot of fun to use. The Gecko does feel a little out of place though because it’s only accompanied by the almost-silent sound of whirring pedals when traversing the levels not a desperate, constant revving that comes with the usual motorcross bike but that is serious, serious nitpicking.

The DLC is a mere 400 Microsoft Points and screams ‘bargain’ before you even boot it up. The tracks can be rattled through within 30 minutes but the real value, as has always been the case with Trials, is chasing top spot on the leaderboards. You’ll spend a lot of time perfecting your runs, cursing at RedLynx and getting #1 within your friends list – it encourages you to replay the tracks over and over again, if not to beat your friends then to perfect your own run just to make yourself feel better. That, gamers, is the beauty of Trials Evolution and Origin of Pain.  

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