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Trials Evolution Gold – Review

Trials Evolution Gold – Review Cryss
Replay Value
Level Design

Summary: It's rage inducing, complex, unforgiving and odds are you won't make it out alive. But you'll love every minute of Trials Evolution Gold....


You will die

Evolution Gold brings the critically acclaimed Trials HD to the PC for the first time, with Evolution thrown in to boot, from the hills of Crash Country to the indoor arenas of the HD Warehouse. Easy to pick up, but notoriously hard to master, this represents the most streamlined experience yet with a clear progression system to help counter the lamented steep learning curve. The control scheme allows you to play from the get-go, your granted control over acceleration and pitch, moving along a 2D plane. If it sounds simple and that’s because it is, things get more challenging when taking the physics engine, camera and upcoming terrain into consideration. Success is measured by completing the level in as short a time as possible, avoiding “faults,” the technical term for wiping out. Rewarding your efforts with medals, Bronze requires nothing more than passing the finish line; do so without wiping out and you’ve got Silver. Gold adds a time limit to this flawless run, providing a near limitless source of frustration for perfectionists. That’s who Trials Evolution is truly aimed at, whilst the explosions, guitar riffs and motorcycles all scream out to hot-heads, the patient will ultimately prosper. It’s the mentality that turns a quick 30 second jaunt into hours’ worth of anguish and frustration, but the sense of satisfaction you’ll experience after mastering Inferno, is only the beginning of what Trials has in store. Trials HDWhen you’ve conquered the heights of Death Valley, you can test your metal in the multiplayer mode, putting 4 riders together in a bid to reach the pinnacle before your competitors. Unbelievably it even supports local multiplayer, allowing you to plug in a couple of 360 controllers and play the game with friends. Those who prefer crafting rather than racing can find home within the games comprehensive track editor, bringing devilish creations to life and finding fame within the community. Hit the garage and you can spend your hard earned cash, upgrading your gear and your ride. It’s entirely cosmetic, but when you’re taking the fight online it’s nice to differentiate yourself from the competition. It’s a far from serious affair, but those looking for something a little different can nab additional medals in the ‘Skill Games,’ which will put you in the pilot seat of a UFO or encase your motorcycle in a ball, among many other challenges. What makes the experience so memorable is the level design, RedLynx have outdone themselves and whilst the warehouse levels of Trials HD were good. Evolution will take you across the world, exploring historical locations and storybook fantasies, heck keep an eye out and you’ll even notice a nod to fellow video game LIMBO. Whilst more often than not your rider meets an unfortunate end, the same cannot be said for Trials Evolution Gold, which has brought classic Trials content to the PC for the first time and is a true joy, regardless of how much tempted you might be to snap your keyboard in half.

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