Published on September 10th, 2012 | by Jon


Treyarch teasing zombies ?

Today the Treyarch twitter account updated their profile image to something new. They have been on the down low about zombies in Black Ops 2, but could this mean they are just about ready to reveal ? If people remember just before the MP trailer @DavidVonderhaar was updating his profile picture to different emblems. Well now the treyarch account is doing the same, so could this mean a reveal is only a few days or weeks away now?. UPDATE: New display image added to the Treyarch twitter page. Could this be some kind of new leveling system for zombies, seeing as zombies in black ops 2 is now built into the mp engine and with all the new modes such as 4v4 & 4z4. We will update this if more icons get added so be sure to watch this post.  

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