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Review: Total Miner: Forge [XBLIG]

Review: Total Miner: Forge [XBLIG] Charlie
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Summary: Gabriel takes a look at Total Miner: Forge, is it any good? read the review to find out!


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Ever since Minecraft began, a few developers have tried to make their own versions of the game and changing it in ways to make it not look like a total copy. We have Fortress Craft, and now we have Total Miner: Forge. It works like Minecraft, except… not as well. And here’s why. Firstly, when you start the game, you can create a new world from a choice of two sorts of world:
  • Dig Deep
  • Creative
In Dig Deep, its mostly an exploration world. You start off with a wooden pickaxe, 1000 gold and 2 obsidian pieces. Whenever you create a new world, you will always start off by two shopping boxes, where you can buy items. You cannot buy much however, as a lot of the items have to be unlocked as you play. You also can’t craft much as first, as you need to find blueprints, which are considered a good and a bad thing. It’s good because it shows you how to make an item, but it’s bad because you’re forced to search for it. When I want to play a 360 port of Minecraft, I want to do what I like, not be forced to do something I want to do. Blueprints are found in caves, where you actually have to dig them briefly in order to pick them up, so you can’t just walk over them and expect to pick them up. On the surface, you can find Scrolls with weird quotes that make no sense (which I don’t exactly see the point of). In Creative, you can choose three different types of world, which are Flat, Archipelago and Continental. Creative worlds have the fly mod installed, so travelling the world is a lot easier. Creative worlds are essentially worlds where you can create whatever you like freely. The items you start off with here are 98 item shops, 98 block shops, Markers, a diamond pick axe and a diamond shovel. Whatever blocks you did, you cannot pick up. Instead, you have to go into a block shop and buy them, but it’s OK, as it acts like “Inventory Edit” if you know what that is, where you can get as many blocks as you like for free with no effort required. Essentially, what this game has done is took the two things great about Minecraft and separated them into two different types of worlds, which I am not sure if that’s a good thing. Like in Minecraft, your tools will wear out over time, so you will have to craft more. I did, however, find what I think to be a glitch that when you place the minerals into the work bench, you can make an infinite amount of that tool, which takes the effort out of the game really (if it is a glitch, you might want to get that fixed). Also, unlike Minecraft where the world is endless, there is actually a limit to how far you can travel, which to be honest, completely takes away the fun out of exploring. Why explore when you know your journey is going to come to an end sometime soon? The graphics are a little more dumbed down than Minecraft too. The clouds look like cardboard boxes (sorry, but they do), whereas the blocks blended in with each other in Minecraft, the blocks in Total Miner do not and a few of the blocks do actually look like they were taken right from Minecraft itself. Not to mention, flowers and grass litter the entire area in most worlds, although it is nice that there are some different coloured flowers, unlike Minecrafts few colours. Something else I found interesting too is that if you dig too far down, you might encounter an earthquake, which will really hurt you if you don’t get out of there. Also, if you’re trapped in a hole with no items, what do you do? You can’t use your hands to dig your way out unfortunately, so in order to get out of a hole, you have to use the escape feature on the pause menu (which doesn’t even pause the game to be honest). Some of the blocks work a little differently in this game, for example, when you place down a block of obsidian, it creates a portal (no flint and steel required) and to use the portal, you need to place another block, so you can also get around the world easier. When you explore caves, you might find some light, which is produced by torches you may find. The thing is, once you destroy the light, sometimes the actual light it gives off doesn’t disappear immediately. The same goes with blocks really, as sometimes when you destroy a block, the block won’t actually disappear for at least a second. There are many other things I could complain about, but I won’t go into any more detail than I already have. I’ve said enough… I’m sorry Greenstone Games, but this game is just a poor effort to make a Minecraft clone. There’s so much you could have done better, and my review might not be good because I just didn’t get that much into it due to how poorly it was made. This game gave me headaches, and the controls just confused me. What did what? You just don’t know, nor can you really be bothered to remember. Rather than making a rip off to a brilliant game, why not come up with something more original? I’d wait for the Xbox 360 port of Minecraft to be honest people. If you want to try this game, you can buy it for 240 Microsoft Points in the Xbox Live Indie Game section. Who knows? You might like it. This game has multiplayer, so maybe it will appeal more if you play multiplayer with a friend.

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  • Roose123

    I personally really liked this game, it is the same game type as minecraft and has many of the same features BUT it feels alot different (not worse) and has lots of potential for updates 🙂

  • Luapm

    why is it a clone and not just a member of a new genre? clones are exactly the same and therefore should be as much fun as the original but it isn’t in “MineCraft” groupies opinions. A review on the actual game rather then comparing to the writers obviously fav game might produce a less bias result. I mean $3 and people some how feel ripped off the effort to put the game together alone is worth the $3 considering the cost of AAA DLC for some games. I think it’s a good game has some great features that Mine craft doesn’t and is on XBLIG now rather then later.. sometime…. maybe, so $3 to tide you over till minecraft release on console, although by then there will be way better mining games out hopefully. I do seem to remember quite a few mining games from the old days so i get lost when people mention the “minecraft” clone concept, can’t really see how they are clones and does that mean every 3D shooter is a clone of the original 3D shooter ? lol seems to be a lot of nerdrage online over this subject 🙂

    • You are right, but Minecraft is a 16bit erm what you call it… something. And this simply is a clone of Minecraft. The whole idea of Minecraft was copied, its a clone, copy what ever you want to call it. 

      • Jongorm

        If that’s the case, then minecraft is just a copy of infiniminer.

  • Blake

     i dont like to use the word copy. i think total miner forge only made the version better. as in minecraft you cannot fly,and hold lots of maps at once. the graphics are not poor they are custom. texture packs enable you to change your graphic view point. and the creative is very high as to how they make there game evolve. they use suggestions from the community so they know exactly what the people want. overall i personally give the game a 8/10. 8/10 for the creativity, and 7/10 for the multiplayer.

    • Yes you can fly in Minecraft, you can also have a lot of maps at once.

  • josh

    total miner is fun,but i might stop playing it when minecraft fr xbox360 comes out.they will have geese and sheep in another uptade,and i think they might have a skeleton hostile mob.

  • lawl

    how can the game be a clone when there is way more blocks and all kinds of different tools. I actually liked this game better than minecraft because of all the stuff you can mine and collect.

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