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Top Tips To Saving Money This Holiday Season

With the Video Game season in full swing, gamers are already picking up some of this years most hotly anticipated titles. But with great titles comes a lack of money, so here are some key tips to making sure your cash stretches as far as it can this holiday season. Tip 1 – Pre-order Upon placing a pre-order, your purchase is locked at the lowest price on the system. Most places, even if it rises, will sell the product to you at system price. (This Tip would have saved you £2.50 on the FIFA 12 Special Edition at HMV”) Tip 2 – Buy Early On the week of release, a price war ensues with retailers getting exclusive deals from suppliers that are removed later on. (RAGE is currently on sale at £36.99 – £37.99 depending which game retailer you choose.) Tip 3 – Trade In Offers With pre-owned games dominating a large market share and being a big business for companies, it’s no wonder that the retailers are looking for the latest and greatest games often with a retail bonus. (RAGE is 99p when traded in with F1, FIFA or Gears at most retailers) Tip 4 – Shop Around Certain companies have risen the price of certain video games, and while buying a new copy of Dead Island at £47 may be an idea, heading to another retailer with a early trade in copy at £37 might be a better use of your money. This applies to all games as certain retailers have their specialties when it comes to pre-orders. Tip 5 – Pick Your Favorites Work out how many games you can reasonably afford this holiday season. The rest can be on your Christmas list or even after next months paycheck. Remember Christmas is about giving, so make sure you have your friends and families presents sorted before you do some extra “me” shopping. Tip 6 – Make Sure You Play The Game You’ve bought it, unwrapped it and played the first 3 hours on the Xbox. Just because you bought another game next week, don’t forget about the older title or it becomes money well wasted. Tip 7 – Deciding When I’m playing a video game I try to use a time to money ratio, as in if I bought this game for £40, how many hours will I be playing it for? If I play said game for 80 hours, I get an hours entertainment at 50p which is pretty reasonable. Try and use this formula when choosing between games. Tip 7a – Deciding Read Reviews: check back at Nave360 for the latest gaming news and reviews as to whether those must have titles are really worth the cash. Tip 8 – Downgrade If money is so tight (you can’t afford that Skyrim Collectors Edition (Over £100) any more) then look forward to the fact for that price you could afford another 2-3 games. Tip 9 – Pre-owned Certain retailers take new games in as pre-owned and know which ones are opened. Feel free to ask about purchasing these to retain any unlockables or online passes. If a game is not going to be played online, maybe the online pass doesn’t even matter. So follow all of these tips and hopefully this holiday season, you won’t be too strapped for cash.

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    Tip 10: Divide and Conquer
    Plan ahead with your friends who will be buying which game. You can trade after finishing the games you bought

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