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Published on September 27th, 2011 | by Gabriel


Titan Mouse Pad

Mouse pads. We all need them, even in this day and age, when most of us, if not all, have laser tracked mice. But what’s the purpose of a mouse pad? Is it to provide a better surface for your mouse to glide over? Is it to protect the surface from being scratched by the constant moving of the mouse? Is it just to look nice? It’s really all of these, and the Titan, made by Geared Gaming Surfaces, accomplishes all of them gracefully. Let me tell you how.

First, check out the specs:

  • Ultra smooth anodized aluminum surface
  • Poly diamond grip on the back
  • 10″x12″ surface area
  • 12 Teflon Mouse feet included
  • 1/8″ thickness
  • 4 colors: Flat black, Natural Aluminum, Galactic Blue, Crimson Red
  • Price: $32.95

First of all, this isn’t your standard cloth, rubber or sponge-like mouse pad. This 10”x12” pad is made of aluminum. Not only does it help to give the mouse pad a stylish look, it helps in many other ways. First, the added friction between the mouse and the pad is higher than with a normal pad. This allows for maximum precision when using your mouse, especially when playing games. Since it’s aluminum, there is a notable scratchy sound that is produced every time the mouse is moved over the surface, but this is easily fixed with the teflon feet included with the mouse pad, made to be placed on the bottom surface of your mouse. By doing this, you obtain a silky smooth feeling when using your mouse in conjunction with the aluminum pad. Also the fact that it’s made of aluminum eliminates the dirt problem one usually haves with other mouse pads. If the flat surface does get dirty, a simple wipe down with a cloth will suffice.

The bottom of the mouse pad is made of a poly diamond grip, in some ways similar to rubber, which creates an adhesion between the desk and the pad, preventing it from sliding all over the place. So no matter how much or how hard your game sessions may be, the pad will stay in its place. Another nifty extra is that the box the pad comes in doubles as a carrying case, just in case you take your mouse pad from place to place. All in all, this is a great mouse pad that is only held back by one thing: its price tag. $32.95 can be a steep price to justify to consumers, no matter how good of a pad it may be. But the way I see it, is that by getting one of these, you probably won’t need a new mouse pad anytime soon, saving you the money in the long run. Like I said, we all need a mouse pad, so you might as well get one that will suit all your needs and more (extra feature: since it’s aluminum, it always feels cold, which feels surprisingly good on one’s wrist!), despite its price.

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