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Published on June 8th, 2011 | by Ben Gray


This is why I’m excited for Bodycount

Bodycount was talked about quite a lot through previews and publications around the time of its announcement last year, but then it all went very quiet. I spent months wondering what had happened to the game, what had changed, or even if the game was still in development. It’s now E3 time, and the game has made a triumphant return from the shadows after recent hands-on previews with the press, and a load of new information and gameplay has hit after its break from the limelight. The first thing you’ll notice about Bodycount that sets it apart from other shooters on the market is that it’s bursting with colour. The environments go from dry docks of orange and red colours, to enemy bases that could easily be compared to the likes of Tron. It’s this variation that makes progressing through the game more enjoyable, instead of sticking to the murky browns and greys of modern day shooters. Destruction is also a key element in the shooter, where you can use bullets to chip away at cover or walls, or throw grenades and shoot explosive barrels to tear gaping holes in the side of buildings. Also the game utilizes a clever cover system where you can pin yourself down on the spot behind cover, and edge yourself in different directions to peek around cover; all without having to snap into a third-person perspective or with your back against the wall. It took me by surprise when I found out that Bodycount is coming sooner than we thought – this August. The game will be releasing for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and to finish off, here’s the gameplay trailer released earlier this week for Bodycount. The trailer makes good use of Sleigh Bells’ ‘Kids’. DO WANT!

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