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Review: The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 5

Review: The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 5 Charlie

Summary: Charlie takes a look at the 5th episode of The Walking Dead: The Game


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This is a continuation of a series of reviews for “The Walking Dead: The Game”. For the review of the first episode, “A New Day”, click here, for “Starved for Help”, click here, for “Long Road Ahead”, click here and for “Around Every Corner”, click here. PLEASE BE WARNED: THERE MAY BE POSSIBLE SPOILERS OF EPISODE ONE, TWO, THREE AND FOUR. So the end is neigh; the final episode of the brilliant video game series “The Walking Dead”, so yes it does mean there may be tears… just not from you. Unless you’re an emotional wreck like I’m not. The final episode will see you battling more zombies than you ever have before; the time for talking was in the past 4 episodes, but now it’s time for action. The final episode is entitled “No Time Left“. Now I’m going to break it to you: this episode is the shortest one yet. You will complete this episode in little under 2 hours, but that’s OK purely because of how the episode ends which of course will not be spoiled, but I’m sure you can guess. At the end of episode four, Clementine had been snatched by Norman and the man on the radio. However as Lee called out for her, he was bitten and it was up to you whether you decided to conceal or bite or show it. As for me, I decided to show the bite purely because I wanted to end my storyline with a clean conscience and nothing to hide, though even when I thought I was clean, I was still bitten in the ass (its a figure of speech… I didn’t really get bitten in the ass). As the group (that you had left) went to go and find her, walkers surrounded the area and the man on the radio had contacted Lee to tell him something. Moving onto this episode, the man does explain how he actually saved Clementine… from you. For the moment, you will be confused but if you just keep playing, you may understand. As for me, I understood enough but it was still hard to get my head around it. You know that saying “it all happened so fast”? Well it actually happens so slowly. The end itself feels very satisfactory, no matter how much you hoped it wasn’t true. Make sure you watch post-credits too for a cliffhanger that will make you go “oooooh”. The episode introduces one final mini-game (if you call them that), where later on in the game you’ll have you shoot as many zombies as possible with limited bullets. What’s really good about this is that if you time your shots perfectly, you’ll even be able to shoot two walkers at once. Oh how proud you’ll feel after that happens. First person perspective will also feel a little more daunting than usual depending on who you are as a person. Because Lee was bitten, it does seem weird to be in the mind of someone bitten. Whenever you see Lee struggle, it feels like you as a person are struggling. It’s like the film “Buried”. The film might just make you claustrophobic. Episode 5 only has a couple technical hitches but they’re extremely minor, such as the final achievement which seems to be bugged. On the PC version at least. Also one small criticism I do have is that puzzles seemed a lot easier and obvious than usual, but it still all pulls together well in the end. As I mentioned earlier, the time for talking happened in the past 4 episodes, purely because it did. In the last 4 episodes, you sometimes had many moments to talk and catch up with other characters, but here you’ll barely have anything to talk about, purely because it’s all about getting to Clementine. As a final episode, you’ll be begging for Telltale to hurry up and make “Season Two”, which I do hope will begin early next year. With sad, exciting and suspenseful moments happening all over the episode, Telltale have truly made what I hope will be “Game of the Year” at this years VGA’s.

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