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Review: The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 4

Review: The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 4 Charlie

Summary: Charlie takes a look at the 4th episode of The Walking Dead: The Game


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This is a continuation of a series of reviews for “The Walking Dead: The Game”. For the review of the first episode, “A New Day”, click here, for “Starved for Help”, click here and for “Long Road Ahead”, click here. PLEASE BE WARNED: THERE MAY BE POSSIBLE SPOILERS OF EPISODE ONE, TWO AND THREE. So it’s that time again; another Walking Dead video game episode, another review. And it just so happens to be released so close to the Season 3 premiere of the television show… what a way to build up the hype, eh Telltale? I’ll admit that I had concerns for the episode, and it definitely pulls through. This episode is entitled “Around Every Corner“. Now I was a little confused about the “previously” trailer, as usually they highlight on moments that will matter in this episode, but there was a few moments which left me thinking “well why did you bring those moments back up again if they had no affect at all?”. I won’t say which ones, but you’ll probably guess. The episode picks up the day after Lee and Ken heard the strange man on the radio, promising to find Clementines parents. The group are trying to find their way to the pier to get a boat, but unfortunately Lee believes they are being stalked. What’s worse is a bell can be heard, which just so happens to attract walkers for miles. They manage to hold up in a house, where it too holds it’s secrets. Later on, you’ll encounter more shocks and surprises, and whilst they might not be as major as they have been in previous episodes, there are some decisions I do undoubtedly regret, but decide to live with because it’s that emotional power which Telltale have given me that gets me through them. So you’re basically in one ginormous pickle; there are people stalking you, Kenny is determined to get on a boat, Omid is getting a leg infection that could potentially be fatal, Clementine is always determined to impress you and Ben is starting to see the pressure of keeping a secret. And yes; these are just a few minor problems to what you’ll encounter in this adrenaline thrilled episode. There are more plot twists than spaghetti. With another episode brings brand new characters, and there’s certainly a fair few here, though some of them are quite minor. One character I came to like includes Molly, who’s just your average young adult… basically they prefer to do things alone, though in an apocalypse, I’m not sure I would. She’s quite feisty, but she plays her role in the episode well. Now the graphics, of course, stay all comic-bookey, but I’m starting to get a little cheese with them. The more episodes we get, the less quality the graphics seem to be. There were quite a few times I just saw blurred textures and normally you’d put the cheesy textures in out of sight or out of reach areas, but here they were right in your face and actually got a little annoying and distracting. Because these are hand drawn graphics, I expect more; you make a commitment to do your textures this way, you need to make sure every one is top notch. Finally, the actual gameplay. It keeps it’s usual “scavenge this, scavenge that”, but I felt like I did it too much. Scavenging is exhausting, and can get a little boring sometimes. On the other hand, I really do enjoy the moments where you are manually shooting enemies, and this does appear once more. There’s even moments in the game which will have close calls: really close calls. Telltale have yet again proved they know what they are doing with the franchise. I do feel like this episode is a “filler” episode, like other sites do say, but it’s defintily not an episode you can skip and then try to understand what’s going on in episode 5. Speaking of which, bring on that episode, which I assume will be here in December. So far, The Walking Dead game is definitely looking to be a real contender for Game of the Year.

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