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Review: The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 3

Review: The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 3 Charlie

Summary: This is a continuation of a series of reviews for “The Walking Dead: The Game”. For the review of the


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This is a continuation of a series of reviews for “The Walking Dead: The Game”. For the review of the first episode, “A New Day”, click here and for “Starved for Help”, click here. PLEASE BE WARNED: THERE WILL BE POSSIBLE SPOILERS OF EPISODE ONE AND TWO. I’m in shock really… usually, the more episodes made of Telltales games, the worse they seemed to be. But with the Walking Dead, oh how they’ve punched us in the face, because episode 3 just blows you away. You thought episode one was good? Did you play episode two? Did you think that was good? Well wait until you play episode three (titled “Long Road Ahead“). Once again, you’re given a recollection on your choices throughout the first two episodes, and that in itself slightly highlights on what there is to come in the episode. The episode is set a week after the second one (thank god. The three month leap between episode one and two got me a little disappointed), and Lee and Ken head back to the pharmacy to gather supplies, but unfortunately, in comes Telltale throwing a tough decision in there already (what happens is for you to find out). Once inside the pharmacy, a new sort of “mini game” is introduced if you’d like to call it that. What’s it called? “Pick up as many supplies as you can within the time limit”. I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed this moment, because you see characters gathering up supplies in the show, but you never really see and feel the rush from first person. Since a week has passed, things have slightly changed amongst the group. Characters are fighting with each other in terms of leadership, Lilly is a broken woman after her father was killed, and there’s a thief in the group who is stealing supplies. Of course, it’s up to you to find out who is stealing the supplies, so you [sort of] become a detective, and it’s a real breath of fresh air when you’re tasked with such a thing. From one person to another, your asking around, trying to find the thief, whilst uncovering more clues. All I can say is this: be prepared for what happens next. The other story dilemma is whether to leave the motel allotment or not. On one hand, winter is slowly approaching, and being out in the wild could be incredibly dangerous, but on the other hand, the motel has been under attack by bandits multiple times: is it really safe or not? Unlike previous episodes, there’s a lot more time that can be spent with Clementine. I don’t know what it is about her, but she just makes me smile every time I see her, and yet she’s just pixels. Why do I feel like a proper father figure to a set of pixels?! What I can say is that the story in this episode is unlike that of the first two episodes, as it goes to places many developers wouldn’t dare go. I won’t say what they are because they’re too big of a spoiler, but parts of this episode really left me in shock. I’m not kidding. I literally shouted when [insert spoiler event here that I cant tell you] happened. Once again, the episode will have it’s fair share of puzzles, which vary from figuring out how to reach a high area to figuring out how to start a giant train, which I had been looking forward to the entire episode (I like trains). The episode will also introduce a few new characters later on, including one man named Charles (or Chuck), whom before the apocalypse was actually a homeless man, not that it means anything anymore. His introduction is actually quite a warm one, considering there’s no “guns blazing” in his introduction (I wonder why that is…). Again, the game keeps it’s comic style graphics, but it does seem in this episode that not all the graphics load correctly; it’s a very minor problem however and you might only ever notice it once. Fortunately, unlike the last episodes major technical hitch with the “stairs” scene, there doesn’t really seem to be any hitches in this episode thankfully, though I wish the characters would have better collision (I hate seeing a gun move through someones head). Telltale have yet again proved that they really do know how to come up with a story that’s both shocking and immersive. With surprises around every corner, brand new characters, tough choices and a couple of new gameplay mechanics, I have one question that I really hope is answered in the final two episodes of “Season One”: how can you top that Telltale?

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