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The new Gears of War 3

Being a third-person shooter game, Gears of War runs the risk of being eclipsed by those that incorporate first-person shooters. However this has not happened by any means, with Gears of War 3 seeing undeniable success almost overnight. This new game is said to be better than its previous versions, mainly because the characters are better drawn and it is overall a lot more clever and funny than the previous games. The tongue-in-cheek theme of this game does not fail to raise a smile from players, allowing the game to break away from the gritty atmosphere of previous editions. The fantastically detailed environments which the game takes players through looks really good and is well lit. So if you want a change from playing online card games like a partypoker, or outside sports like football, this video game will still provide stimulation for your mind It is said to be the best looking game that has ever been made for Xbox and for those players who have the right display, there is support for 3D devices. While the areas of the game still look unrealistic, with ammo cases lying around and cover that has been conveniently positioned, its sci-fi nature makes this seem less unecpected. The basic principles of the game remain the same in this new version. The aim is basically to shoot enemies while you are hiding behind cover. You are trying not to get shot yourself, while attempting to take down your opponents. This game has a lot of varied characters that players are up against. The original Locust Horde is still there, with some new additions to its roster. These include Armoured Kantus, with spikes on his armour and flying Shriekers who can shoot as well as avoid fire really easily.

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