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SWTOR Free-to-Play Restrictions Lessened

If you’re wondering what to expect when Star Wars: The Old Republic goes free to play, the rules of the game have just changed. It’s great news for those planning to get involved when the reimagined model rolls out later this year. Certain restrictions have been lifted; those on the Free to Play method will now have access to a second quickslot bar, the option to participate in 5 Warzones a week (up from 3) and the item lock on Cartel Coins has been reduced. Those who end their paid subscription will enter ‘preferred status’ providing the following benefits: • The Sprint ability at Level 1 • Access to your Cargo Hold (an 80 item Player Bank) • Access to Secure Trade (starting at level 10) • The ability to send Mail, including one (1) attachment • Increased allowance for chat message frequencies in Public chat channels (such as /general) • An increased Credits Cap • Access to the Who List • Three (3) additional Sale Slots on the Galactic Trade Network (for a total of 5) • One (1) additional active Crew Skill Slot (for a total of 2) • Reduced skill point respecialization costs • Increased Server queue priority Bear in mind that any upcoming changes may be amended when the service goes live. So will the change to a free to play business model bring you back to The Old Republic, or will you be cancelling your subscription?

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