Published on November 16th, 2010 | by Charlie


Strange Call of Duty: Black Ops Error Emerges

This is a very weird error, one which most people haven’t even come across. Should people worry about it? Who knows. It happened on the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops and this error actually happened to me personally, and I ain’t too sure what to make of it. Check out the video below: Now heres a transcript of the error:
Error dogj for xmodel ‘c_rus_spetznaz_body1_g_larmoff’ has more than 160 bones (see console for details)
What it did afterward was it took me to the main menu, and when I tried to continue the campaign, it took me right back to the beginning of the mission I was on (this happens to me for every level anyway, even before the error, which is very weird. So if you are near the end of the level, and you save your game, it may just take you back to the start of the mission when you load your game back up). A very strange error. If anybody can debunk this (yes it shows some obvious details) or if something like this has occured to you, please let us know. Update: From what has been learned, an exact bug like this occured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and it has happened to a few other people in Call of Duty: Black Ops, as shown in many other YouTube videos.

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  • Kranitoko

    Test Tes Test 😀 You asked for us to test it out, so I did 😀

  • Zknepachi89

    are you by any chance playing the campaign on veteran? cause every COD game restarts the level when you load a game save on veteran. as for the bug i’ve never had this one happen but during multiplayer theres one that kicks you from a game and resets your whole stats and you have to restart the multiplayer to get everything back. had that happen to much.

    • Kranitoko

      Awww man are you serious? That never happened on MW2 :'(

  • Silentdeath7778

    This happened to me as well, on regular setting in the same exact place.

  • Skip Peoples

    Same problem here, except it show up with a body”2″ quote in the error code. I also rented this game to see if I had a bad disk and the same error code showed up on all three disks.

    The error code only show-up on the Number Level, at different times depending on which disk I used.

    I haven’t saved any of my games before getting the error code, and it happened on both rookie and the veteran.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

  • this error just just happened to me now, i was in the same level, only a little further ahead which blows!

  • Fantacyshroom

    This just happend to me, same level almost at the end. What the hell is a bone?

  • Bradles26

    just happend then i was so relived when i got past 1 bit on this mission and i have to do it over again this was going to be my first cod game on vetran i want my game data back!!!!

  • Fox_bawar


  • brooklyngrl

    I got a different message. It said “failed to load weapons” then that message and I restarted 3 times. If you have a fix please help

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