Published on January 4th, 2013 | by Cryss


Sony Patent Could Block Used Games Sales

A patent application surfaced yesterday, reigniting rumors that Sony’s next console will supress content on used games, replacing the need to be always-online. By registering an RFID ID onto disks, they would be able to track the usage history of the disk. This would allow Sony to check the games identification, registering it to a console or account. This could be used to block ‘used’ games, however it may be a replacement of the ‘online pass’ culture that gamers have been forced to embrace. This check would notify users on another system that the online functionality has been restricted, bringing them to the PlayStation Store if they wish to unlock them. We have a system that could destroy consumer faith in Sony, forcing revenue to the competition and destroying retail chains like GameStop. On the flip side, I might not get punished for purchasing a new game, after all opening the PlayStation Store to input online passes is such a chore!

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