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Sony Pander To Notch

Minecraft on the Xbox 360 has topped over a million sales, generating massive revenue for both Microsoft and Notch and securing its place as the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade title of all time. It’s no surprise that Sony would love to replicate that success; the first step is getting the Indie developer on their side. They saw an opportunity when Markus began tweeting about Dungeon Master 2, a dungeon crawler released back in 1993. Despite his status as a multi-millionaire, Markus Persson is no stranger to receiving gifts and Sony have gone all out with a copy of Dungeon Master 2, a PlayStation Vita and nearly the complete back catalogue of Vita titles, leaving him with one thing to say: The final part of the package was a handwritten note from Adam Boyes, the content of which can be read below: Markus Figured we would make your Dungeon Hunter II hunt a little easier (along with a few bonus goodies). We’re all big fans of your work and would love to find a project to work together on. Best, Adam Boyes SCE Publisher / Dev Relations Microsoft secured Minecraft as an Xbox exclusive through the exchange of a lot of money (as mentioned by Notch via twitter). Will this be the catalyst for a business partnership with Sony?

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