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Sony Invest More Into First Party Than Nintendo And Microsoft

It’s hardly surprising news considering that Sony now own 15 developers across the world, but today Jack Buser, the director of both PlayStation Home and PlayStation Network, stated that Sony have invested more into first party games than both Nintendo and Microsoft combined. Speaking in a recent panel, Buser promoted Sony’s “15 year heritage of investing very, very heavily in the PlayStation platform”. “We have a tremendous catalogue of game titles that are second to none out there, and now with PlayStation Suite and PlayStation Network, the ability to deliver those experiences across so many devices and even potentially across third-party devices is an incredible competitive advantage”. While Buser trumpeted Sony success on a first party basis, he was also adamant that when it comes to third-party studios, Sony has always been fantastic to deal with. “The PlayStation philosophy has always been about our third-party partners and our ability as a games industry to raise all boats together as partners,” said Buser. “We’re not like some other game platforms that say ‘Hey! Put your game out here on the App Store and maybe you’ll be one of these 10 featured apps if we feel like it right now, and then the rest of you guys can all go out of business. “Or some other platform owners who are saying, ‘Look, we’re gonna make all the great games and if you guys can maybe make a great game on our platform, good luck but we’re not going to help you much.’ Or some other guys who say ‘Hey, we hand-picked you and we’re gonna shove a bunch of money in your pocket and the rest of you guys can all dial the 800 number and try to dial through to the front desk,” he said, pulling no punches. “We’re all about our partners, our publishing partners, we always have been. If you talk to any game publisher out there, and you mention the word PlayStation, they are going to be very, very loyal to our brand”. Looking at the launch line up for the Vita, it’s a clear indication that all that support goes a long way, and also makes deciding what to buy at launch exceedingly difficult.

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