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Published on October 10th, 2011 | by Gabriel


Review: SkyDrift

Review: SkyDrift Gabriel
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Summary: Gabriel takes a look at SkyDrift, is it any good? read the review to find out!


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How long has it been since you played a good sky- racing/dogfight game? A long time I bet. Well, you can rectify that right now with SkyDrift, Digital Reality’s new XBLA/PSN game. But is it worth it getting the cockpit for this one?

SkyDrift is first and foremost a racing game. You get to choose from a number of different planes, each with its own pros and cons, and race them against seven other players on one of the couple of different tracks across all the different modes. But that’s not all. To ensure you win the races you set out to do, each plane is capable of being outfitted with different power-ups that can be picked up as you fly along the track, giving you the arsenal to blow that opponent that might be too far to catch up to but not far enough so as to not get blown up.

These power-ups work in many different ways. You’ve got the standard machine guns, rockets and mines. But you’ve also got ways to defend against these in the way of shockwaves, shields and repairing your plane. Add onto that, the ability to stack your powers twice for an upgrade. So if you have rockets, you might want to hold off on using them immediately and wait for another rocket power-up to upgrade the current one.  Also, if you have no need for these power-ups, you can exchange them for a bit of boost to your ride (boost can also be earned by performing, daring feats, like flying too close to the ground or through tight spots.

Thankfully, Digital Reality has made all of this very easy to use. You can boost and brake pretty easily, and to have a better grasp on your plane during turns, you can make sharper turns by using the right analog stick in conjunction with the left one. You can also perform barrel rolls, which help with oncoming fire.

There’s a lot of variety in the 6 maps included with the game (12 if you count the reversed versions). You’ll fly through canyons, waterfalls, jungles and over lava. The planes are also different enough to provide a fresh experience with each one. Sadly, even with all this variety, the bulk of the single player experience can be finished in 2-3 hours. But multiplayer and unlockables (more planes, skins etc.) help to extend the game. In multi-player, you can take to the skies with up to seven other players, across the same maps and modes as the single-player, and it all works surprisingly well. So if your interested on taking up your friends, SkyDrift provides a pleasant experience to do so.

My only gripes with the game is the aforementioned short length of the single-player, and one more thing, although this could’ve just been me. I found it increasingly difficult to pick up power-ups. They’re too small and with all that’s going on in the game, as in shooting down opponents, dodging obstacles and enemies, bosting and braking, it’s difficult to grab them. Other than that everything works fine and proves to be quite fun.

There aren’t many aerial racers out there in the market and SkyDrift sets out to fill that void and it does so pretty well. This is a fun, arcade-style racer, which is not only surprisingly deep for a $15 download, but it also rewards players that take their time and don’t just rush in with their finger on the trigger. If you like racing games, you’d be right to give SkyDrift a try.

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