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Sexual Videogames Are Good For Us!

THESE OPINIONS ARE MY PERSONAL RESPONCE TO SOMEONE ELSES WORK, MY OPINION DOES NOT REPRESENT NAVE360’s OPINIONS AND THESE SHOULD NOT BE TREATED AS SUCH!!!! I recently read through an interesting article on the position of sex within video games and I thought I would take time out to take a look at how sex is portrayed in video gaming and almost the aversion that developers take in regards to sex. If the media has ever been right about one thing it’s that games are becoming more realistic and whilst this leads us to slaughtering realistic looking humans in airports, to hijacking cars and running down civilians as we flee the cops. Video games are violent, that’s a tune we all know to well, yet despite this we pass of violence in Video games; its a common occurrence. Yet when the issue of sex arises, video games seem to shy away. More often than not the games that push this particular boundary are Japanese due to their mild addition to fan service yet even things like San Andreas and God of War shy away from sex. I am in know way endorsing sexual activity in video games just pointing out a common trend as the cinematography goes out of its way to hide most conduct of a sexual nature. Thinking back Mass Effect took a hammering due to it’s up front nature towards sex and yet all they did was show a tiny bit of flesh, something you can see in movies rated 12. This was overblown in a media frenzy claiming that you could screw anything you want, yet the game promoted being in one relationship at a time and having to build up to any sexual interaction at all; that doesn’t seem like bad messages and values to me. Anyway at Brooklyn’s Babycastle’s arcade, a show space for indie games a booth was set up in particular for sexual games; these bordered upon deviance they were not a Dead Or Alive: Volleyball they were picked to push peoples comfort zones. So she picked; “Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer” a game about a fetishtic serial killer, “Hey Baby” a game about women armed to fight sexual predators and finally “Yin Yang: X-Change Alternative” a game about gender bending that actually exhibits graphic sex. Yet what shocked the person at these booths was that people came by and not only asked questions about the games but also wished to play all of the games. These games were making statements about sexuality , relationships and identity in a way that many games do not. It’s not something we are used to however for those who have experienced Catherine’s mature sexual complexity in the US and for those who are waiting for the European release, an interest in sexuality is created creating a more substantial experience. These games take us in a new direction, I’m not saying that games should exhibit graphic sex that is not my provocative, instead I’m noting that by exploring the almost taboo subjects of sexuality and mature themes gaming can strive forward in a different direction. The emergence of the first person shooter genre is the most successful case of a new genre emerging and could sexually mature games be the next big thing. Also can you imagine the media’s take on games like Catherine that deal with Taboo sexual subject’s and the rage parents might feel when they use the games look as a judging point as to wether to buy it for their child. Controversy is good because for every critical acclaim, their is someone who will take offence and sometimes that might just be a good thing.

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