Published on June 4th, 2012 | by Charlie


Sam Lake Teases Alan Wake 2

Sam Lake, the creator of Alan Wake, tweeted on Saturday “It’s all true. “It will happen again, in another town, a town called Ordinary.” It’s happening now.” That quote was also found in the song “Balance Slays the Demon”, a song from Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. Sam also tweeted a link to a Blogspot called “This House of Dreams“, owned by someone named Samantha (which could be a backdrop for Sam Lake). At first glance, the site looks like a mere blog for someone refurbishing their house, but one such blog talks about a dream the blogger had about a man “wearing a funny jacket with old-fashioned elbow patches” and that he wanted “to turn all the lights on”. But here’s the best part. Have you guys ever heard of GoDaddy? It essentially shows who bought the domain or who owns a particular site. If you type in “AlanWake2”, you’ll be linked here. The domain was bought by Remedy, but was last updated, believe it or not, today. Are we set for a reveal at Microsoft’s E3 conference later on today? Or are we just gearing up for a post-E3 announcement? Bare in mind with Alan Wake 1 and American Nightmare now on PC, you can expect a PC release of Alan Wake 2, but probably a little while after the Xbox 360 release. Check back with us to find out what is uncovered.

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