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RuneScape Coming To Tablets, Maybe Even Consoles

Jagex are looking at bringing popular MMORPG RuneScape to Tablets, Smart TV’s and maybe even your home console. The news came up during an interview with CEO Mark Gerhard by the folks over at IGN. “We’re working really, really hard to do tablets by Q4 this year; I see [smartphones] as a window into the game, so I think even mobile is right for RuneScape, but it’s probably as a subset or augmentation of the game rather than the core game experience.” “Tablet is more akin to your laptop so the game is more naturally transposed to that. I’m also very excited about Smart TVs; I don’t think we’re that far away from being able to do something very interesting there.” It didn’t stop there with Gerhard admitting that he would like to bring the game to consoles, but only if Microsoft and Sony could settle some of their differences. “Consoles are easy,” he said, with tongue firmly in cheek. “If you can just get the console manufacturers to play nice with each other and stop fragmenting the community then we could do something there too.” “Ultimately, you’ve got to go where you think the ball’s going to be, rather than chasing after it. Sometimes that means you have to make decisions without necessarily having all the data to say that it’s the right call, or that you can do it.” It’s a pretty bold move for a developer to shun playing it safe in favour of taking risks and hats off to Jagex for pushing boundaries, now release the game for Vita already.

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