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Rumor: Tomb Raider MP Will Feature More Than Deathmatch

Whilst OXM aren’t ready to give up the coveted details surrounding Tomb Raider’s unexpected multiplayer mode until February, an avid fan has unveiled details in a forum post. Players will be divided into two not-so aptly named teams, the survivors may not last that long and the scavengers priorities are far darker than collecting intact items from the wreckage. ‘Team Deathmatch’ shows up on the roster, but feel free to delve into the ‘Rescue’ and ‘Cry for Help’ modes. Rescue tasks survivors with collecting medpacks and delivering them to key locations, whilst simultaneously being hunted by the scavengers. Characters under assault may end up ‘bleeding out’, during this time they can be revived by comrades or finished with a melee attack. Details on the ‘Cry for Help’ mode are sketchy, Eurogamer have noted that “the emphasis is on discovery and collection as opposed to combat.” How Cry for Help plays out in a community known for their bloodlust remains to be seen. The multiplayer works under an XP system, where continued play unlocks new characters and statistics, take a trip to the Dragon’s Triangle and test your endurance this march when Tomb Raider launches on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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