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Rumor: Skyrim – Dragonborn DLC Leak

The third expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launches tomorrow on Xbox 360, but a beta tester has leaked various details to The Out Housers. The rest of the article contains possible spoilers; as such I urge those who wish to retain the sanctity of the Dragonborn downloadable content to leave now. Spoilers Below Have you left yet, now’s your last chance! The Dragonborn DLC will chronicle your quest to vanquish the first Dragonborn. Your travels begin when you come under attack by Cultists of Miraak. After dispatching them, players will find a note, revealing the identity of your assailants and where they herald from, Solstheim. There is estimated to be around 30 hours of content in the DLC, with 10 achievements to unlock, totalling 250 Gamerscore. New shouts include the eagerly anticipated Dragon Riding, Cyclone, Bend Will and Battle Fury. These can be used to fight off Skyrim’s new inhabitants Werebears, Lurkers, The Morag Tony and new Dragons to name just a few. New spells bring Water-walking, Poison Rune and the Whirlwind cloak. Overhaul your equipment with new armour and weapons, ranging from spears and robes, to the Deathbrand and Boneold Armor sets. End Spoiler

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