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Rumor: KOTOR Bundle Coming This Summer

Nearly a decade on, the franchise is still played by many gamers around the world. KOTOR (known as Knights of the Old Republic, the best Star Wars game ever made) is rumored to be making a comeback in a PC bundle, with the release of both the first and second game. There’s no information as to whether the original format release will be retained or if a HD bundle might be in the works. What we do know is that the site that the image below has been taken from seems to state that the bundle will be released this June. I’ve never believed retailer dates with unannounced content, but who knows. It’s unknown why LucasArts might be doing this, but some people believe LucasArts may be gearing up to try again on the production of the cancelled Knights of the Old Republic 3. You might think that it’ll never come since we have the newly released MMO, “The Old Republic”, set hundreds of years in the future, but it could still happen. Who would develop KOTOR3 if it happened? Would Bioware return? Would you like to see KOTOR come back as a HD collection?

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  • kotorfan

    If they decide to try again with a KotOR 3, the only developer I want to see work on it is Obsidian. The story they made for KotOR 2 was probably the deepest, most well-written story in the SWEU yet.

    But please, not Bioware. Don’t let Bioware come even close to touching it. I’ve seen what they do with a trilogy.

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